Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twas the night before...

the school Christmas parties...
when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring,
except Mom like a mouse...

up in her studio,
she could be found,
molding and shaping,
and creating all-around...

an extra special gift was being made on this night,
in hopes our dear teachers would certainly know,
what a sweet Blessing they are,
and how we love them so...

and now finally finished,
and tucked safe and sound...

waiting to be opened,
and spread joy all around...

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas to all!
and to all a good day!

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!


  1. Oh... aren't you so cute! When I was a teacher, I would be thrilled and honored to receive a gift like that. Darling... You are such a poet. :)

  2. Oh, the teachers are going to be THRILLED, Jill! You are the most creative and giving person I know!:) Such a blessing and inspiration, dear friend! Lori

  3. I love those!!! You are so creative!!!


  4. Gorgeous necklaces. And I love the packaging! You are so clever :)

  5. Jill, are your going to sell those on etsy? They are beautiful!!

  6. How cute - I love everything about them! And I love packaging things in Chinese food boxes too! : )

  7. You are one of the most talented, creative and giving person I've ever not met!! Beautiful! The teachers will be speechless!!


    (Thank you for your purchase!! Your goodies are on the way!)

  8. these are not just random little ideas... they are little 'treasures'... I've been doing crafts for a lot of years, and yours are not only fun and extremely artistic and well done, they also include an extra blessing... the heart strings that are attached to each one ....

  9. those are awesome! will you be selling them?

  10. joyful!
    i'm jealous of those teachers!!

  11. Very beautiful! The packaging and card are wonderful. What great teacher gifts. My kids have so many teachers now -- it's hard to know what to do. Best wishes, Tammy

  12. wow, super cute! the packaging is equally sweet!

  13. How lucky these teachers are.. THEY will love you.. Wonderful crosses.. LOVED them.

  14. WHAT an incredible gift.. Those teachers are going to LOVE you.. Darling crosses and precious packaging.. Wonderful Work!!

  15. Those are just gorgeous Jill! We made ornaments for the teachers this year...but that is a wonderful idea (I'm taking notes ;-)

    Jamie :)

  16. Those are gorgeous!!! Love them!!

  17. Wow! Those are so gorgeous!! I love them! That is such a wonderful gift to receive!! And I adore chinese takeout gift boxes! They are so cute!

  18. my, my, haven't you been busy!? i love those necklaces. beautiful. i'm a bit jealous. they're a bit cuter than my magnets...
    thanks for stopping by simplyfeather! now go sit and relax!

  19. These are really unique. Merry Christmas.


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