Friday, December 18, 2009

A few more Merry...

Christmas gifts!
all created with lots of love...
each one very simple,
a little something...

wood die cuts from the craft store,
covered with fabric,
glittered edges,
and a velvet ribbon to hang...

a jingle bell dressed in ribbons and tinsel..

one of my favorite simple gifts delivered with
a very special message!

yummy, yummy cookies!
found here,
you must try them!- you'll be glad!

all dolled-up on a Christmas plate with ribbons
and a tiny cookie cutter...
always a welcomed gift!

a perfect gift for all the children's friends-
(and I keep extras on hand "just in case" by the door)
simply a bag filled with peppermints and a happy wish!

a "ruffle" necklace with a posy...
made from fabric scraps and vintage beads...
a fun girlie gift!

and an ever-popular classic...
a monogrammed candle,
(my hostess gifts this year)

my version...
with glitter-of course!
a bow and some "bling"!

"It is often the thought behind a present that is the true gift."

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. Your use of glitter makes me so happy!! My husband makes fun of all the Martha Stewart glitter I have, but honestly I don't think you can ever have enough!!

    Love the ruffle necklace - it will be so cute on!

  2. Can we be neighbors? :) I appreciate all the love and effort you put into everything you do. From your absolutely adorable birthday praties and invites, to awesome table cloths to a sweet plate of holiday cheer. YOu are truly talented. I am inspired!


  3. all very cute! I especially love the first two ornaments! : )

  4. love it all! go handmade or go home... ;)

  5. Im excited about the cookies that I obviously must try, and all your crafty little creations...I am always inspired by your art! love the horsies!

  6. Every thing you touch turns to magic. And happiness. And sparkles. I can't take it sometimes. I just want to move next door to you and soak up all of the wonder and goodness. That ruffle necklace makes my heart jump. I would wear it in one second. In fact I would rip it off someone's neck just so I could.
    Please, pretty please open you etsy shop!

  7. They are all lovely, but the horses are my favorite too!

  8. what sweet gifts and how thoughtful!!!
    you have captured the true meaning of Christmas!

  9. They are all great! I love handmade from the heart!!!

  10. You are so sweet to share all of your wonderful creations! You are a gift to us all :)

  11. the die-cuts are amazing! Did you puff them with some stuffing? WONDERFUL ideas!

  12. Your gift ideas are CUTE, and you are right those cookies are a MUST... YUM...

  13. oh, my, you're even busier today! i can't stop staring at those horse ornaments. are those really wood cut-outs? they look like stuffed! i love them. and that ribbon-decked jingle bell...i have one that will have to be done similarly. there's just too much inspiration on this page!

  14. oh my stars.... i love having you as a dear sweet sweet friend and your creativity so inspires me :) Okay.... and you said you had to glitter sooo.... I'm wondering is one of these little pretties a glitter for me???

  15. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful gift giving ideas. Blessings!

  16. Really cute gifts! I love the cookies and the monogrammed candle!!

  17. Very pretty are such a thoughtful person! Merry Christmas!

  18. You have such a wonderful touch that you just transform anything into some beautiful and fun!! Love it all, as usual!!

  19. Look at all the goodness you've been busy creating! I love those horse ornaments- sweet and a little sassy all at the same time! Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I appreciate them very, very much.


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