Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Performing Arts Center...


to our performing arts center...
(a.k.a. : the living room)

We have a varied assortment of seating available for your viewing pleasures...

Oh! You prefer the balcony seating?

no problem...

What an interesting style this "center" is...
yes, we like to call it "french cowgirl"...
ya know- "where rust meets fine art"...

speaking of fine art...

this is one of our favorite pieces...
being from TEXAS and dreamin' of living on a farm someday...

it's just a sweet reminder of one of our dreams...

and what's this below the painting?


filled with the "star's" dressing room-
and sound booth...

Oh! and here is the "stage"...

where we (and everyone that ever visits!) get to enjoy the latest and greatest
production from the "Royal Court Company"!
What joy is found in this "performing arts center"...where living is done!

Ya'll come back now...next showing is soon!
Many Blessings!


  1. I love it! What a beautiful place to perform! I know that I would be inspired!

  2. Love it. I bet many a fine production has taken place there....memories, sweet memories:)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today. You quoted from my favorite passage Psalms 139. Have a blessed day.

  3. What a beautiful home.
    I wanna see more:)...

  4. Oh my goodness...that is a beautiful couch!! I don't even feel right calling it a couch. Love your home!! Part of it feels like a larger version of my own. The loft part and stairs, etc.
    Love the cow painting!! I, too, dream of living on a farm. At least, in an old farmhouse.
    Oh, can't wait for the show!!

  5. I loved the performance! I will be back for your next show.. love the painting! your home is lovely,

  6. so much fun! our basement landing is the preferred place for our girlies...

    ok, i am in love with the iron legs on the ottoman/coffe table. repurposing makes me smile! tell me to did the upholstery part yourself...please!

  7. Simply Wonderful! Encore Encore!

  8. Love your living room!! It is so bright and cheery and so classic too!

  9. Hi Jill!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I LOVE your post....so cute! Plus.....I LOVE the room...so pretty! I enjoyed reading through your blog and seeing all of your pretty creations and rooms! Can;t wait to see more!


  10. cute! I'll take the balcony please.


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