Thursday, December 15, 2011

"I'm dreaming of...

a white Christmas!"-

and something tells me, with two snows already this season...

we might just have one!!

I think Odie is even dreaming of a white Christmas!
(or maybe what treats he'll find in his stocking on Christmas morning!)

How about you, are you "dreaming of a white Christmas" too?

love & blessings,


  1. Gorgeous, Jill! I would LOVE a white Christmas so I'd better start dreaming.:) Lori

  2. Yup, I'm dreaming. Dreaming of a white Christmas is about all we're going to do around here. The coldest it will get will be around 60.

    I love your porch! What a beautifulscene.

    And how the doggie has his own stocking. So sweet.

  3. oh it's so beautiful. love your little slice of heaven.

  4. Oh to have a white christmas...SC doesn't promise much white stuff!

  5. Jill, just this morning I took a picture of our clouds... not a one of them looks to be a snow cloud. I am completely wishing for a white Christmas!!
    It is so beautiful...
    Love the pictures you captured!!

  6. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. (love that pup too)-Chrissi

  7. That first photo is gorgeous!! I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but it won't happen here in the bay area!

  8. I live in the mountains of Utah and you have more snow than we do!!! The ski resorts have had to make their own snow. Anyhow, beautiful pictures. TN holds a special place in my heart as my parents live there. And the white porch? That's what I'm dreaming of:) Happy holidays. Thanks for sharing your talents.


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