Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday, I woke up just thinking...

"Who can I bless today?"...
and I tell ya what!- I had the BEST day ever!

I did a few small things...
just simple, thoughtful things...
and even a big thing or two-
all without revealing why or who had done them!
(some knew and some still don't-but that's the very best part!)

and it was just the BEST day EVER!
So I've decided I'm going to wake up everyday just thinking...
"who can I bless today?"

it is SO true...

"kindness is hard to give-away,
it just keeps coming back!"

Happy day my friends!
I'm still finding my way through all the boxes!
I have finally called for back-up though (a.k.a. my sweet mom and dad)
and hopefully all will return to a more "normal" soon!

Many Blessings!
p.s. the print is by my sweet friend, artist Chrissie Grace, and can be found here!


  1. What a perfectly wonderful way to approach the day... anyday! Be kind to one another and tenderhearted too! Eph 4:32

  2. :D
    Thanks for sharing.
    I'm taking a beginning quilters class and we are making a 9 square 36"x36" quilt.
    My aunt doesn't know that I'm making it for my 6 month old cousin and after that I'll make one for her little one due in August!
    I can't wait to see how she reacts!

  3. Oh, this is wonderful! Isn't this the attitude we all should have everyday!? John 13:34

  4. xoxoxoxo
    You are the "best-est". :)...

  5. I love this, Jill! You have inspired me- again!:) Love you! Lori

  6. Love this post, so true! oh, and just wondering when we are going to get a "tour" of the house. Since you shared a bit of the building process I'm so excited to see the finished result ;)

  7. How lovely the world would be if we ALL did this at least once a week. Hey . . . let's go for it.


  8. I love this. It is so pretty. I put your button on my one blog. I thought it was really cute. God bless. :)

  9. You are so right but isn't it fun to try! I love living the lifestyle of giving! I hope your days are blessed above and beyond all you can ask or imagine. I am having a giveaway over at my Gloryfeathers blog just in case you are interested. Be blessed today!

  10. We should start everyday asking ourselves this question!

  11. I am always telling my kiddos to please think of each other first ... not self first!! this is such a better way to put it... Who or how can you bless someone today!?!! =) Love this!!
    and... really I should remember to take that to heart myself more often!!! =) Blessings!


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