Friday, November 19, 2010

simply celebrated...

a handmade birthday...
for our littlest Princess #2...

her special outfit created for the big day...

the shirt made by mommy (me)...

the skirt by one of our very favorite shops...

lots and lots of bitty buntings created...

the cake bunting boasting a tiny flag to celebrate each year...
placed atop a homemade birthday cake-
complete with a few "finger swipes" through the icing...
(she didn't think I noticed!)

and bitty buntings topping cupcakes to share with sweet friends at school... 

and of course a *few* little presents too!

just a simple celebration...
filled with lots of love for our littlest Princess!

"It is the accumulation of the little details, the small things, that
cumulatively make a big difference in our life."

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. What a sweet little birthday party.

  2. Love the birthday clothes and the little banners on the cake. How cute.

  3. That outfit is just precious! Girls are so fun to dress :) And I love that card. Beautiful!

  4. Her shirt is just beautiful! do you achieve that look with embroidery floss? such perfect detail. You have steady hands :) One lucky litle girl!

  5. This is all so precious, even down to the post title. Your signature colors that you use are always beautiful! LOVE them.

  6. Everything looks wonderful! So lovely. My youngest turns 5 on Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy birthday to your daughter!

  7. You are so wonderfully creative! Your sweet princess must have loved everything special about her day and party. Congrats mommy! Isn't it just crazy how quickly they grow up in front of our eyes. My first born is getting ready to celebrate her 10th birthday soon. You have given me some lovely ideas.

  8. Hi Jill, what a great blog you have! Wonderful sphere and you are very creative... love the things you make! And is that going to be your home?! I am sooo jealous... :-)
    Enjoy your week,
    love Maaike

  9. Jill!! THis is amazing! I LOVE It! what a fabulous cake and cupcakes and outfit!!! I want to be as cool as you!

  10. I love it all, but I really love the cupcakes-how adorable are those little flags? You made her day so special!

  11. Wow, Jill! All of that is sooo incredibly sweet. I love flag banners of all kinds and I've never thought of doing a tiny version but I WILL try it in the future!! Also, I can't WAIT to send you pics of the embroidered bird cage in the hoop things that I saw on your blog and just made last week for Christmas presents :) I LOOOOOVE them. Thank you thank you.

  12. Perfect sweetness for a princess!! I L.O.V.E. the skirt!! did you use a pattern? My little girly doesn't wear skirts much these days... (that doesn't sound right?) ;) She might wear one with leggings under!! I might ... maybe be able to get her to wear one like that!! Lovely!!

  13. oops... I see you bought the skirt!! silly me... I was so taken with it... I wasn't reading closely at that moment!! ha ha!

  14. Wow! The outfit... the bitty buntings... LOVE it! Just precious. I'm sad now, that I have to wait until next summer for my daughter's birthday to roll back around. Might as well get started early, though. ;)
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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