Monday, April 19, 2010


Having a bit of trouble keeping my focus lately...

perhaps because my world currently involves LOTS of this...

when I truly wish it was filled with MORE of this!...

but, I do have very happy news for this lucky girl!
"This Texas Momma"
is the winner of the "too cute for words" Pleated Poppy give-away!!!

now I must try to FOCUS and go make pack something!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!


  1. what are you packing - where are you going? i am feeling the same of late - LOVE to scrapbook and play w/ paper and glitter, etc...but the pull at home/chores/meals/small kiddos, etc...seems to always win!

  2. Lucky Girl Texas Mama!! =)

    Pretty butterflies!!

    sorry about all the boxes... I am OCD about packing boxes... but I love unpacking them!
    I use lots of paper towels... they are great for cleaning on the other side of packing... when you are unpacking! Paper towels are My favorite packing trick!!

  3. Jill!!! You sold your house!!! Are you taking your darling Bunny cottage with you? Please say you are! I know you are *busy* beyond belief but please write when you get a minute, dear friend. I cannot wait to see your new nest!!! Big Hugs!!! Lori

  4. You are moving?!?! Wow... thinking of you. I know it is crazy with the box chaos. It will all be over soon. xoxo

  5. Get out! Thank you so much, I am so excited!

  6. Wow , i love your blog- i am so attracted to the pink- and girly looking blogs, and wow how i can relate to those boxs, are home -garage looked like that for a few weeks in between moves...
    Adore your blog

  7. I'm jealous of Texas Momma ; )

    If I lived closer I'd strap Gianna into the Baby Bjorn and help you pack!!

  8. Congratulations my friend...happy packing. I will be doing the same soon as we are on the hunt for a new home. xoxoxo

  9. Cute pictures.... and GOOD LUCK on your focus.. Boy mine has totally left the building lately.. Maybe it's this time of year...
    Bliss and Blessings your way,

  10. We are in the middle of moving is so stressful. ugh. I have no Hoping your move goes smoothly!


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