Thursday, December 3, 2009

The "Bon-Bon necklace"...a tutorial

This summer I designed and created the "Bon-Bon" style necklace...
they are so fun (and easy!) to make!
After receiving dozens of emails requesting a tutorial for them...
I finally have created one!-
just in time for Christmas!...
I think these would make darling little gifts...

Begin by gathering your supplies...
fabrics, for wrapping large wooden beads to form the "Bon-Bons"...

large wooden beads, beads- any color or style- used as spacers,
cord and/or ribbon
(I used vintage seam binding on this tutorial for tying the ends of the Bon-Bon)

cut various fabrics into 4 X 41/2 inch squares
(I chose seven different fabrics just because I like an "odd" number)

measure a piece of cord or ribbon at least twice as long as the
desired finished length of the necklace...
string wooden bead on...

to hold the wooden bead in place...loop cord or ribbon back through bead

pull tight to secure...

for spacer beads, simply knot on each side of the bead...

trim the 4 inch sides of the fabric square with pinking shears...

center bead on square, roll tight around bead...

tie each side to create the "Bon-Bon"...

you can use ribbon, cord, or vintage seam binding as I did...
repeat until desired length...
using other beads in between the "Bon-Bons" as spacers...


also, stop by sweet (talented!) Kim's blog- the TomKat studio
for a chance to win a "Bon-Bon" necklace!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. oh! you are sooo smart. so cute. and looks so easy to make.

    hey, i noticed on your profile page you are in TN??? me too. hey neighbor! have a great weekend. take care.

  2. thanks necklace is so stink'n cute. i love it. i am off to try and win one :O)

  3. Absolutely perfect! I'm so excited to share this tutorial and giveaway with my readers! You are so talented and creative! Such an inspiration!

  4. Very cute and so easy! Thanks for sharing! :) Tammy

  5. OMG, I am in love with that necklace, it is a fabulous idea! I am having my daughters 2nd birthday as a Sweet Shoppe theme, and I have been working with Kim. I think I want to coordinate with the theme by wearing one of these on my daughters birthday.

  6. So stinkin cute. I remember drooling over this before. Do you think 8 year olds can make it with a smidge of guidance?

  7. What a sweet idea! I may have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  8. How cute... I think I shall make a few! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I want to make these now!!! Can't wait. THanks for sharing.

  10. Your girls are so lucky:) So cute. I know I will make that tableskirt you showed us...someday! I just love it. Hope you have a wonderful day sweet Jill.

  11. Ohh these are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. These are so cute I will HAVE to try one! Thanks so much for sharing your secrets!!!!

  13. I love the tutorial! Perfect gift for teens!

  14. Lovely! Planning to do this with my daughter!

  15. YOu are so talented - love homeade...hope I win!

  16. You are so creative. Adorable necklaces! Thanks for the tutorial. I know a little girl who will LOVE a "candy" necklace.

  17. I love the necklaces...they are so fabulous! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea! Love your blog too:)


  18. What a delicious necklace! Thank you for sharing :) Think I'll make one for my niece for Christmas.

  19. Thanks for sharing! What an adorable and creative idea!

  20. Thank-you for the tutorial!! When I first stumbled upon your blog I stayed on for an hour, it was that great! :) I'm excited to try and make these . . .

  21. Ooooh!!! CAn't wait to make one!! LoVE it! Thanks for sharing the tute!

  22. oo that is really cute! I just discovered your blog! It's so adorable!! Lovely tutorial!!

  23. Oh my word!! Total cuteness!! You have such a happy, fun style!! Love it!!
    Thanks for the tute!!

  24. Absolutely adorable! I just wish I would have seen this in enough time to make one for my daughter's birthday party, which was last Saturday. I will definitely be trying this out, though...make a matching mom and daughter one for the Holidays maybe...??? Thanks for the wonderful tutorial and for sharing it with all of us! I am also so excited to find your blog and will now be a faithful follower! :)
    Happy Holidays!

  25. Just adorable! I make a tub taffy and the "wrapped candy" is very endearing to me :)
    thank you for sharing your tutorial. I might just have to make one with holiday "candy" for my daughter-she'll love it!
    (PS found you from the Tomkat studio)

  26. what a great idea! the possibilities with this one seem endless. i think i'll whip up a few christmas ones. oh, and i love the water bottle/donation gift. so great!

  27. This is the cutest idea I have ever seen! You are so creative! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial, I will definitely have to make some for Christmas gifts!


  28. Very cute - I saw this on Kim's blog and love it!

  29. Wow super cool... I now need to make one for my Maddie :)

    Thanks for the comment. I'm loving your blog!

    Raychel from My Creative Way

  30. I saw this on TomKat's blog and they were right! I can't wait to browse my new favorite blog!!!
    How sweet and delicate and FUN everything looks!
    Thank you for the tutorial... I'm not a crafty person, but I can't wait to try this at our next sleep over!

  31. I love this! What a wonderful idea and fantastic for fashionista little girls. I'll be making my little one a few of these! Thanks!



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